måndag 20 januari 2014

Nya Boktips

Whoop, försöker hålla mitt nya schema med boktips en gång i veckan (ska försöka komma igång med omslagsinlägg också).

Veckans tema: Pirater 
För seriöst, vem älskar inte pirater?

Steel av Carrie Vaughn (klicka för Goodreads)
Sixteen-year-old Jill has fought in dozens of fencing tournaments, but she has never held a sharpened blade. When she finds a corroded sword piece on a Caribbean beach, she is instantly intrigued and pockets it as her own personal treasure.

The broken tip holds secrets, though, and it transports Jill through time to the deck of a pirate ship. Stranded in the past and surrounded by strangers, she is forced to sign on as crew. But a pirate's life is bloody and brief, and as Jill learns about the dark magic that brought her there, she forms a desperate scheme to get home—one that risks everything in a duel to the death with a villainous pirate captain.

Time travel, swordplay, and romance combine in an original high-seas adventure from New York Times bestseller Carrie Vaughn

Varför jag är nyfiken: jag är ju egentligen ganska skeptisk mot tidresor, men i kombination med pirater så kan jag helt enkelt inte hålla mig borta. Dessutom blir jag alltid lite extra ivrig när huvudpersonen har en ovanlig hobby, i det här fallet fäktning


A lost colony is reborn in this heart-pounding fantasy adventure set in the near future . . .
Sixteen-year-old Thomas has always been an outsider. The first child born without the power of an Element—earth, water, wind or fire—he has little to offer his tiny, remote Outer Banks colony. Or so the Guardians would have him believe.

In the wake of an unforeseen storm, desperate pirates kidnap the Guardians, intent on claiming the island as their own. Caught between the plague-ridden mainland and the advancing pirates, Thomas and his friends fight for survival in the battered remains of a mysterious abandoned settlement. But the secrets they unearth will turn Thomas’ world upside-down, and bring to light not only a treacherous past but also a future more dangerous than he can possibly imagine.

Varför jag är nyfiken: pirater, dystopi och fantasy. Kan det bli bättre? Ja, karaktärerna kan kontrollera de fyra elementen, något jag krävt ända sedan Avatar: the last airbender avslutades.

Bubblare: Piraternas fånge, Pirater!, Larklight och Mörkt liv (har redan läst, klicka om du vill kika på recensionen)

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